Join our growing network and be a part of the microStretching® movement!


Continuing Education Courses

Strength Coaches, Trainers, Instructors, FItness and Wellness Professionals

mST-L1 : microStretching® Level 1

Courses are focused on the lower body. 

mST-L2: microStretching® Level 2

Courses focus on the lumbar and thoracic regions 

mST-L3: microStretching® Level 3

Courses focus on the shoulders, neck and cervical region. 


The highest achievement awarded. Eligible to conduct and instruct microStretching courses, classes, etc.

  • Each level will contain Theory, Technical, and Practical
  • Technical and written assessments
  • Complete Practical Requirement (Meeting log hours outside of the course are required to advance).
  • Case Studies
  • Patient/Therapist Stretching
  • Self Stretching
  • Mastery Level assessments are performed on Dr. Apostolopoulos

microStretching® Course Progressions

Participants must be in a profession where assisted or one on one stretching is within their scope of practice. For some professions, we will require participants  to provide proof from their organization. 

 Course advancement improves your microstretching skills  to enhance patient/athlete outcomes and it provides you with more.

  • For each level you will be listed on our website as a trained microStretching (Level 1,2,3 Mastery) professional in your area where patients can find you.
  • Gives the ability to communicate with our network and access more microStretches and specific injury adaptations.
  • Be part of growing our network and team.
  • Be able to conduct microStretching courses, classes, and team consultations.

Why take a microStretching Course?

Become a microStretching® specialist through our Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 course advancement.

Have access to different microStretches.

Enhance athlete/patient performance and outcomes.

Advance your "toolbox" and separate your practice from others.

Provide a holistic approach to help with pain management in patients or athletes.

Join a growing network of professionals using microStretching® around the world.