Less is often more!

Self-stretches are a crucial component of recovery and regeneration, as well as pain management. Individuals treated by a microStretching practitioner are assigned microStrecthing exercises to perform at home.  They serve two purposes, firstly to help provide relief from musculoskeletal pain and discomfort and secondly to further prepare them for there next set of treatments. This approach has been very effective for helping individuals suffering from low back pain, SI joint dysfunction, knee pain and more. The recommendation is that the prescribed gentle microStretching exercises are done just before bed, facilitating a greater relaxation of the body. By lessening any tension in the body, this allows for a greater relaxation of the nervous system translating into a deeper sleep. It is when a person goes into a deep state of sleep that the body recovers, for it is during this state that the release of the natural restorative enzymes occur. When a person does not attain this state they are less likely to heal.

Self microStretching exercise examples

microStretch 4 : Glute-Piriformis Stretch
How to perform this stretch:
  • Muscles stretched: Gluteus maximus, medius and minimus and piriformis muscles
  • Place both your feet on the wall making sure that your hip and pelvis are firmly on the ground and not floating in the air.
  • Place a pillow underneath your head to flatten out your lumbar spine.
  • Cross one leg over the other making sure that your ankle is past the knee joint and hold the gentle stretch for 60 seconds and then switch legs and repeat the stretch for the other leg.