A Paradigm shift, challenging the notion of no pain no gain!

MicroStretching® is an active realignment soft tissue manipulation technique based on the gentle passive static stretching techniques developed by Dr. Nikos Apostolopoulos. The study of pain, specifically chronic pain, and the musculoskeletal patterns developed, was the motivation behind the development of the technique.
microStretching works within the parameters of the neuromuscular and myotendon junctions, as well as in conjunction with the autonomic (Sympathetic and Parasympathetic) nervous system. microStretching exercises have been designed to relax the body thereby stimulating the parasympathetic system, important for the body’s own recuperative energy. More importantly, microStretching moderates and modulated the inflammatory response. microStretching decreases the influence of inflammation, inflammation that may be in response to a physical, mental or emotional stimuli. 
microStretching exercises are based on the principles of Stability, Balance, and Control (SBC). This principle states that in order to effectively stretch a muscle you need to eliminate the potential of a muscle contraction. microStretching is in direct contrast to traditional views of stretching providing relief without the creation of pain. 

MicroStretching® methods Description
Facilitated MicroStretchingPassive, guided, pain-free stretch provided by a professional trained in microStretching.
Self MicroStretchingMicroStretching self stretches utilizes the same variables of facilitated microStretching.
Variables of Training and PrinciplesOld Stretch RoutinemicroStretching® Routine
Intensity of Stretch70%-80% out of 100% (very aggressive pulling sensation)30%-40% out of 100% (very gentle Stretch)
Duration of Stretch15-30 seconds60 seconds
Frequency of StretchBefore or after training once per dayOnce per day three times per muscle group
Stability, Balance, Control (SBC)NoYes
Proper sequencing of StretchingNoYes